Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I don't care if you wearing a hijab by choice

A straight female psychologist has asked me before: "why you need to come out? I am a straight woman but never think about doing that".. She thought that I will walk in the street shouting i am gay or holding a sign say so!! Well you didn't do so because you have your own rights and your society support you 100%, i need to come out as a way to say: hey! I am here, I want my rights, I want equality as any human "..
Why do you think a Muslim woman living in a liberal country like Canada doing lectures or session in a university saying that she chose to wear a hijab by herself because she has faith deep in her heart? a majority for sure what motivate us to be recognized. 
Again, why the hell I care if she chose wearing the hijab or stayed naked! is that going to change the world?
They are trying to say: “hey! we are good people give only love and peace and all of the horrible things are keep happening around the world because of Islam it not our fault, because we are cute not aggressive and we don't follow all of the Islamic rules like ISIS. Otherwise we will have to kill all of you Canadians! so be nice with us, treat us equally till we got the power to turn your country into another middle east"

Evan Darraji


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