Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Step by step women abuse سيناريو تنعيف المرأة

ايفان الدراجي

It doesn’t start with a slap, women abuse.
It’s like horror movies, you will be going down the stairs to the basement, and you know there is someone would hurt you or even kill you, although, you will keep going down.

He will (your spouse) ask you to replace your profile picture with your daughter or son picture in the social media webs. You’ll justify that as jealousy.
Then, he will fight with you over a short skirt or a sleeveless shirt when you head to work every morning. You’ll also justify that as jealousy

He will ask you to quit your job, he doesn't like the fact that you are working with men. You’ll get it now, he’s trying to control you and your life.
You will fight, he will hit you once and twice and over and over until you’ll realize that he is abusing you.

تعنيف المرأة مو بالضرورة معناها يضربج من اول يوم. فلم رعب يبدي بنزولج الدرج وحدة وحدة للقبو رغم هو ظلمة ويخوف وعندج احساس اكو احد رح يأذيج هناك او حتى يقتلج.
ممكن يبديها بان يمنعج تخلين صورتج الشخصية بمواقع التواصل الاجتماعي وحتى اسمج، وتبدليه باسم او صورة ابنج او بنتج او حتى شي جماد.
رح يبدي يتحكم بملابسج، هذا قصير هذا ضيق هذا بعد متلبسيه .. لحد الان انتي فرحانه ومفسرتها غيره ويحبني يموت عليه.
وراها رح يكلج بطلي شغل وكعدي بالبيت شنو تستغلين بنص الزلم. طخت عندج انو يتحكم بيج وبحياتج لو بعدج؟
طبعا اذا طخت رح تناقشينه وتعاندين ورح تصير عركة وهو معاند وانتي معاندة الى ان يضربج مرة وتتكرر العركة ويضربج مرتين وثلاثة وهكذا. هذا كله سيناريو تعنيف المرأة من قبل شريك حياتها.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Go Quebec save those women, ban the face covering (Niqab)

Evan Darraji

You don’t understand! It’s never been a choice, this is not about freedom.
Do you consider people who have been brainwashed, who suffered in jail, who have been humiliated and treated like objects where a man can possess them and control their entire life is a CHOICE?

Well, if that so then there is something wrong with you!

This thing is bigger than that, older and deeper. We are talking about an old stupid, suppressive traditions back to thousands of years ago where Arabs who used to live in the desert were treating women like sexual objects.
Objects that can sell, trade and even inherited. Those suppressive traditions have adopted by Mohammed when he wrote his Quran to stay in power.
In addition to that, he identified the women as a sin. Why is that?

Because he made them believe that God created women to seduce and ensnare men. 
And men are primarily created to worship God, they warn against female seduction and particularly against attachment to women. God requires the believer's total love and all of his capacity for emotional attachment: "Emotional attachment divides man's heart, and Allah hath not created man with two hearts within his body" (Quran Surah II: 165). That’s why women have to cover themselves and live their lives in a dark garbage bag!

The face covering thing (Niqab or Burqa’) is an old Islamic school called (The Sunnah Wahhabism), and by the way, this is where ISIS came from. They consider themselves the right representation of Mohammed’s law.
Imagine your 6 years old daughter having a brainwash in family, school, society, her religion and even her country law to convince her that she could go to hell for seducing men by only looking at her or hearing her footsteps or her voice, imagine your girl has to cover herself because there is a sick man around would rape her, because another sick man would like to marry her (have sex with her), any male in the street will harass her, will call her a whore for not covering herself, and if she did they still gonna treat her like this!
This 6 years old girl growing up believing all of that about herself until she began to consider covering herself is to honour her family and her religion until she started defends this and call it a choice or a freedom.

And even for the women who are living in North America or Europe, they live with their husbands, fathers or brothers, don’t ever think that they are free in these safe countries because they are not. Either they are living in a fear of the male in the family who keeps an eye on her, or she is a brainwashed to believe what I mentioned before. Name me one woman, one Arabic Muslim women who live alone in a liberal country and she still wearing a Hijab or Niqab. ZERO.

I am myself, I liberated myself when I arrived in Canada alone, and the first question they would ask me when I meet with any Arabic Muslim is (are you living with your husband or your family? Why you are not wearing a Hijab?) because this is their stereotype psychology.

It is time to fix this, to break that law and save those women.

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Friday’s freaky dream

Evan Darraji

"Dreams are open vistas of possibility that take us beyond our everyday self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.” Robert Moss
The dream started with me trapped in a house that has a beautiful front yard with a bunch of strangers trying to hold the wooden front door to prevent ppl from getting in the house. Lucky me I was the doorkeeper! 
And why is that? 
A charming white horse in the front yard going crazy, runs and jumps everywhere, it almost hurts the ppl outside. The ppl inside said that if you let those ppl in we all gonna get sick! Well, how is that? I didn’t know at that time yet but I hold the door anyway until I decided to let them in. I mean come on I can’t just let them die outside because of that crazy horse, at the same time I was afraid that the horse may take the chance and get. I opened the door frequently, every time for 7 seconds, I asked 7 ppl to get close to the door, and when I open the door and start counting they must get in quickly one by one.
The first round went successfully, however, in the second one an old lady was just standing there smiling at me and refused to get in, what the hell is wrong with you lady, I muttered.
Then suddenly, they started to do BBQ and pet the crazy horse! Only one skinny man was standing at the door begging to let him in, he had a suspicious appearance I didn’t wanna let him in until a young lady told me to do so because he is a biological scientist. He started biting ppl after I let him in, he was a zombie apparently. I know you gonna laugh at that coz it sounds crazy but this is what happened.
I opened the door to run out and locked the ppl in this time! The ppl inside were all infected, they were dangerous. I texted my GF (you know who is she  :D) asking her to wake up, she took a nap in the room next door, the room was semidetached to the house I locked.
Then I remember that this room has two doors, one is the exist to the front yard while the other one is the entrance to the house! And it is probably open! He got in a panic that infected ppl may attack her.
I rushed to her room and woke her up, there was a child sleeping next to her. And I was right, the zombies were trying to get in her room so I asked her to freeze and I walked tiptoe to lock the door. Guess what, the door has no lock! From nowhere a girl with green nail polish volunteered to hold the door. She literally melted her toes in the ground to do so!
In the meantime, we (myself, my GF and the little child) rushed out, locked the door and set in the front yard watching the brutal zombies tear the poor girl apart. When I turned my head to the other side coz I couldn’t handle it I shocked, white horses wore clothes on two feet were everywhere. Jeans and dresses even hats and glasses. Wait a minute, they are not horses, they are ppl turned into horses, the ppl were in the front yard at the beginning of my dream. Is that the disease they were talking about? 
But, who said that everyone on earth turned into a horse? Who said that we will turn into horses if we engaged with them? While I was looking for answers and try to analyze the whole thing, a group of dark skin ppl were marching. I was over the moon with what I saw, we run into those ppl and gave them hugs, they were surprised by our peculiar behaviour, then the alarm goes off in the morning.

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حلم الجمعة الغريب

ايفان الدراجي

بالحلم، انا ويه مجموعة ناس ما اعرفهم ابيت ونحاول نقفل بابه حتى لا الناس الي بالحديقة يدخلون، ليش؟ يقولون لان رح نتمرض ونموت.. وطبعا اختاروني حتى الزم الباب وامنعهم. 
جان اكو حصان ابيض يجنن بره بالحديقة بس جان يطفر ويركض عبالك مجنون او مهتاج، والناس ملتمة ع الباب تخاف منه تريد تدخل. 
انكسر خاطري وقلت خل ادخلهم، ففتحت الباب ع السريع شوي وظليت احسب للسبعة ودخلت مجموعة منهم واحد ورا واحد وسديته. بس بالمرة الثانية فتحت الباب وجان اكو مره واقفة تبتسم وما قبلت تدخل.. شويه والناس بره بطلت تخاف وظلوا يلعبون ويه الحصان وسووا باربكيو! 
باستثناء شخص واحد واقف يتوسل يريد يدخل بس شكله مو مريح ومظهره مو مرتب ما ردت ادخله لوما وحده قالتلي هذا عالم بيولوجي ممكن يفيدنا. 
اشو فتحت الباب ودخلته للبيت منا وهذا هجم ع الناس منا. طلع زومبي وعضاهم كلهم وحولهم لزومبيات! ركضت طلعت بره وقفلت الباب عليهم. تذكرت شخص عزيز عليه نايم بالغرفة الي يم هذا البيت فديزتلها مسج حتى تكعد تشرد لان جانت نايمه. تذكرت بعدين هاي الغرفة بيها بابين باب ع الحديقة والثاني ع البيت، خفت لا يرحون الزومبيات يدخلون عليها لان مفتوح الباب. ركضت عليها وكعدتها وفعلا لكيتهم يردون يدخلون للغرفة. حاولت اقفله بس الحظ الاغبر طلع ما بيه قفل. فجأة اجت بنيه مخليه صبغ اظافر اخضر -لا تتعجبون هو بالحلم هيجي- تبرعت تلزم الباب لحد ما نشرد. البنية ذوبت اصابع رجليها بالارض ولزمت الباب. جان اكو طفل هم بالغرفه اخذناه وطلعنا وقفلنا الباب ورانا. 
كعدنا بالحديقة بره نتفرج ع البنية خطية شلون ياكلوها الزومبيات. ضجت من الي صار ودرت وجهي ع الشارع جان اشوف احصنة بيض لابسة ملابس، جينزات وفساتين ونظارات وتمشي ع رجلين ثنين بكل مكان! حظي هاي مو احصنة هاي الناس كلها هيجي تحولت. زين معقولة كل الناس ع الكرة الارضية تحولت احصنة؟ معقولة اذا ننزل للشارع رح نتحول مثلهم؟ 
وانا بغمرة تفكيري اجت مجموعة ناس سمر يمشون عبالك مسيرة، فرحنا كلش ورحنا نركض عليهم حضناهم هم تعجبوا من تصرفنا. وجان يدق المنبه الصبح.

Friday, September 8, 2017

The Canadian flag - العلم الكندي

Evan Darraji
 ايفان الدراجي

لما تشوف رمز الدولة بعلمها وكل المفردات الي تعبر عنها ماله علاقة... 
1- بشعار ديني يفضح عنصرية وتمييز افرادها وممثليها نافيا باقي الديانات والعقائد في الدولة؛
2- او رمز يدل على حقبة تاريخية معينة تتسم بالعنف والدماء الي سكبت من طرف او اطراف ما لتأسيس هذه الدولة وايضا على حساب الشرائح والاديان والعقائد الاخرى. 
رمزها جزء من طبيعة جفرافية او مناخية،  يعني شي تابع للارض والطبيعة والتشكيل البيئي على مر ملايين السنين ليس للانسان دخل بها، اصلا قبل وجود الانسان نفسه، مثل ورقة شجر القيقب بالعلم الكندي.. فاعلم بانهم امة رضيت عنهم الطبيعة وزادتهم نجاح وغنى وكلشي زين بالدنيا. 

بعدكم مصدقين القهر والضيم الي انتو بيه اختبار من الله!؟ 

I like the idea that the maple leaf is our symbol, not another religious or historical symbol represents violence and discrimination.


Monday, September 4, 2017

Muslim scientists of the golden age were not actually Muslims

Evan Darraji
ايفان الدراجي
What it called the Islamic Golden Age usually dated from the middle of the 8th century to the middle of the 13th century. People keep repeating what they have been learned by their parents and teachers that the Muslim scientists during the golden age are the reason behind the western modern civilization and to brainwash Muslims and force them to believe that, ‘Islam actually brought science and modernity to this world’.
In addition, the world conspired against Muslims to steal their inventions and end their golden age. Well, let’s take a look to the following facts that you maybe never heard about them, or probably just ignored them:
-     *     Most of those scientists were not Arab, they were Iranian.
-     *     Many scholars and engineers were from various faiths: Muslims, Christian, Jews, and Hindus etc. not only from a Muslim background.
-    *      The fact that they called Muslims is because they born as Muslims.
-    *      Their achievement is part of the universal force of science and not the tents of Islam.
-    *      No one can claim Islam is a proponent of critical thinking and skepticism. In fact, Islam misuses science, claiming it is scientific, while whenever there is a clash between science and Islamic rules, always Islam prevails. I was told that masturbation is as horrific as a deadly disease and that circumcision is very healthy and that fasting makes you healthy by science teachers. And then we have ridiculous things like “the scientific miracles of Quran”. Islam like all religions is incompatible with science, and its dishonest claims don’t disprove that.
-     *     Most of those scientists were accused of heresy and infidelity as you will see (why) as below.

Al-Razi or Rhazes (865-925): On ReligionAl-Razi wrote three books dealing with religion: (1) The Prophet's Fraudulent Tricks, (2) The Stratagems of Those Who Claim to Be Prophets (Arabic حيل المتنبيين), and (3) On the Refutation of Revealed Religions (Arabic مخارق الانبياء). He offered harsh criticism concerning religions, in particular, those religions that claim to have been revealed by prophetic experiences.

Ibn Sina or Avicenna (973-1037): Avicenna's philosophy was based on a combination of Aristotelianism and Neoplatonism. Contrary to orthodox Islamic thought, Avicenna denied personal immortality, God's interest in individuals, and the creation of the world in time. He was holding philosophy superior to theology. In his commentary on theology, he dealt with God, creation, and angels etc. and many of his views on them stood in clear contradiction with their conception in the Islamic theology. He rejected the central Islamic doctrine of the resurrection of the dead in flesh and blood. Ibn-Sina had also thoroughly rejected religions, including Islam, as lies. However, as Ibn Sina himself hailed from Khurasan, one cannot dismiss the possible influences of Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism on his philosophy. Because of his views, Avicenna became the main target of an attack on such philosophy by the Islamic philosopher al-Ghazali and was even called “apostate”.

Al-Ma'arri, (973-1057): He was a controversial rationalist of his time, attacking the dogmas of religion and rejecting the claim that Islam possessed any monopoly on truth.
The greatest Syrian philosopher poet, skeptic and freethinker known as "Lucretius of the East",
Al-Ma’arri despised religions in general and Islam in particular. In condemnation of religions in general, he wrote his poetic verses:
“Religion are noxious weeds and fable invented by the ancients, worthless except for those who exploit the credulous masses.”

Omar Khayyam (1048-1122): He was an epicurean philosopher, a rationalist skeptic and freethinker and follower of Greek philosophy, and scornful of religion and in particular of Islam. His views on Islam were in sheer contradiction with its fundamental precepts. He objected to the notion that every particular event and phenomenon was the result of the intervention of Allah. He did not believe in resurrection, Judgment Day or rewards and punishments in an alleged afterlife. Instead he was a naturalist and maintained all phenomena of observed on earth were guided by the laws of nature.

Ibn Rushd (1126-1198): He was condemned for heresy by the Christian, the Jewish and the Islamic orthodoxy. Religious leaders did not always praise his works; he was condemned for heresy by the Christian, the Jewish and the Islamic orthodoxy and his works were frequently banished and burnt. Ibn Rushd fell out of favor with the Caliph due to the opposition that theologians had raised against his writings. He was accused of heresy, interrogated and banned to Lucena, close to Cordova. At the same time, the Caliph ordered the books of the philosopher to be burnt, with the exception of his works on Medicine, Arithmetic and Elementary Astronomy (around 1195). Somewhat later the Caliph revoked the banishment and called Ibn Rushd back to Marrakesh. The works of Ibn Rushd also aroused admiration in Europe, even among those theologians who saw a danger for religious faith in his writings. In the 13th century, Ibn Rushd was condemned by bishops from Paris, Oxford and Canterbury for reasons similar to those that had caused his condemnation by the orthodox Muslims in Spain.

Al-Biruni (973-1048): In Islamic theology, al-Beruni assigned to the Qur’an a separate and autonomous realm of its own and held that the Qur’an does not interferes in the business of science nor does it infringe on the realm of science.

Al-Farabi (870-950): He made notable contributions to the fields of mathematics, philosophy, medicine, sociology and music. He was inspired by the Platonism and Neo-Platonism and was a great exponent of the Aristotelian school of philosophy. He wrote rich commentaries on Aristotle and like al-Razi, he considered reason superior to revelation and advocated for the relegation of prophecy to philosophy. According to him as quoted by Nicholson, “…reason should govern and control the life of man. He definitely did not believe in the inherent doctrines of the Islamic creed and wished it could be reformed guided by philosophy.

Jabir or Geber (721-815): Jabir is mostly known for his contributions to chemistry. His books strongly influenced the medieval European alchemists and justified their search for the philosopher's stone. In spite of his leanings toward mysticism (he was considered a Sufi) and superstition, he more clearly recognised and proclaimed the importance of experimentation.

Abbas Ibn Firnas (810–887): A philosopher, musician, singer and an astronomer, where magic and chemistry attributed to him. He frequently challenged his religion -Islam-, so he was accused of his faith, and was, in addition, a poetic poet in his poetry fond of singing and music, they are forbidden -haram- in Islam as you know.

In addition to many other scientists that I did not mention here but of course, you can read about them if you are curious and would like to enlighten your mind.
Religion had been at odds with science, still is at odds, and it will remain so until all religions would take demise from this mortal world. After the Renaissance (i.e. during the last 3-4 centuries) -in the marathon race of dominance, science had won and religion had lost. This is pure and simple. This is the reason ladies and gentlemen that you are living now in the dark ages instead of the golden one.


Monday, April 24, 2017

شوارع Split

ايفان الدراجي

الي مشايف فلم Split انصحه يشوفه، الموضوع مو عن الفلم مجرد تشبيه لا اكثر.
بكندا، اسماء الشوارع والمدن والازقة من تأسيس الدولة الكندية سنة الف وثمنمائة وشي لهذا اليوم نفسها ما تغيرت. تغيرت الاحزاب وأجو البريطانيين والفرنسيين وتشكلت الحكومة الفيدرالية وغيرها من التغييرات السياسية بس محد قال تعال نغير اسم هذا الشارع او ذاك.
طبعا اسماء الاماكن اغلبها اسماء قديسين او ملوك وملكات او قادة وكلنا نعرف السكان الكنديين خليط من كل دول العالم حتى ناس من دول مسامع بيها قبل هم حاليا كنديين وعايشين بكندا من سنين، وطبعا هذي الموزاييك السكانية تحمل اختلافات ثقافية وعقائدية وكلشي، بس ولا واحد اعترض على اسم مكان لان ما مثل تاج راسه او عقيدته او امامه. بس بالعراق كلما يصعد واحد للكرسي يغير العراق كله كمجتمع وكثقافة وحتى اسامي الاماكن يومية متغيره يوم مسمين الشارع او المدينة او الجسر باسم صدام ويوم ثاني باسم الصدر وقبل صدام والصدر كان الاسم الشائع هو الثورة او التحرير وهكذا.. حتى الاماكن بالعراق صار بيها فصام (Split) مو بس الناس.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Free info on Islam!

Evan Darraji - ايفان الدراجي

Free info about Islam! wait not for free they want a donation to poison you, people.
ok I will give you some free info about Islam for FREE as an ex-Muslim:
1- there are 164 Jihad verses in the Qoran, you know what is Jihad right? (fight in the way of Allah (jihad) and get killed will be given a "great reward" the 72 virgins are waiting for me in heaven.
2- Islam considers the non-Muslims (Christians, jews and all other religions) infidels "They do blaspheme who say: "Allah is Christ the son of Mary." But said Christ: "They indeed have disbelieved who say: Lo! Allah is the Messiah, son of Mary. Say : Who then can do aught against Allah, if He had willed to destroy the Messiah son of Mary, and his mother and everyone on earth? Allah’s is the Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He createth what He will. And Allah is Able to do all things. " Al-Maeda: verse 72
3- Death is the penalty for apostasy (leaving Islam).
4- Under Shari’a – Islamic law – a man can marry up to four wives. He can divorce his wife or wives by saying “I divorce you” three times. For a wife to obtain a divorce is usually very difficult. “Women are not given the right to instigate divorce because they are prone to emotional and irrational decision making. A husband, however, can divorce his wife at any time he so wishes.” Ayatollah Ali Moghtadai.
5- In the Qoran, the prescribed penalty for adultery is one hundred lashes and a year in exile – sura 24:1. However, Mohammed did condemn people to be stoned to death.
6- A Muslim Woman has to wear the Veil (cover her hair and body), she seduces men and that leads to Adultery!
7- Islam brainwashes people. Everything in Islam goes against Psychology and humanity. e.g, The dog is najis (filth) in Islam as shit, as well as women, both break wudu (washing before pray).
8- So far, scholars of Islam are studying stepping into the bathroom should be with the right or left foot!

and much more free info you can google about 
p.s: this pic by me at Dundas square