Saturday, December 10, 2016

Immortal music -soundtracks- I love the most

Immortal music -soundtracks- I love the most

1- 300 soundtrack immortals battle

2- Pharon by Iraqi musician Omar Bashir

3- Phantom of the opera by American violinist Lindsey Stirling

4- Love story by American composer Henry Mancini

5- Jadeye yektarafe by Persian composer Fariborz Lachini -in the memory of Persian singer Morteza Pashaei-

6- There is Always Hope by Hesham Afifi

7- Mind Heist (from film Inception) by American composer Zack Hemsey -don't forget the amazing video by the genius Joe Bush a High School project using images he found online to tell the story in two minutes about the evolution of the planet Earth using a multitude of various images-