Friday, October 20, 2017

Go Quebec save those women, ban the face covering (Niqab)

Evan Darraji

You don’t understand! It’s never been a choice, this is not about freedom.
Do you consider people who have been brainwashed, who suffered in jail, who have been humiliated and treated like objects where a man can possess them and control their entire life is a CHOICE?

Well, if that so then there is something wrong with you!

This thing is bigger than that, older and deeper. We are talking about an old stupid, suppressive traditions back to thousands of years ago where Arabs who used to live in the desert were treating women like sexual objects.
Objects that can sell, trade and even inherited. Those suppressive traditions have adopted by Mohammed when he wrote his Quran to stay in power.
In addition to that, he identified the women as a sin. Why is that?

Because he made them believe that God created women to seduce and ensnare men. 
And men are primarily created to worship God, they warn against female seduction and particularly against attachment to women. God requires the believer's total love and all of his capacity for emotional attachment: "Emotional attachment divides man's heart, and Allah hath not created man with two hearts within his body" (Quran Surah II: 165). That’s why women have to cover themselves and live their lives in a dark garbage bag!

The face covering thing (Niqab or Burqa’) is an old Islamic school called (The Sunnah Wahhabism), and by the way, this is where ISIS came from. They consider themselves the right representation of Mohammed’s law.
Imagine your 6 years old daughter having a brainwash in family, school, society, her religion and even her country law to convince her that she could go to hell for seducing men by only looking at her or hearing her footsteps or her voice, imagine your girl has to cover herself because there is a sick man around would rape her, because another sick man would like to marry her (have sex with her), any male in the street will harass her, will call her a whore for not covering herself, and if she did they still gonna treat her like this!
This 6 years old girl growing up believing all of that about herself until she began to consider covering herself is to honour her family and her religion until she started defends this and call it a choice or a freedom.

And even for the women who are living in North America or Europe, they live with their husbands, fathers or brothers, don’t ever think that they are free in these safe countries because they are not. Either they are living in a fear of the male in the family who keeps an eye on her, or she is a brainwashed to believe what I mentioned before. Name me one woman, one Arabic Muslim women who live alone in a liberal country and she still wearing a Hijab or Niqab. ZERO.

I am myself, I liberated myself when I arrived in Canada alone, and the first question they would ask me when I meet with any Arabic Muslim is (are you living with your husband or your family? Why you are not wearing a Hijab?) because this is their stereotype psychology.

It is time to fix this, to break that law and save those women.